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Our Belief

Built on the belief that everyone has equal rights to pursue their dreams and aspirations, Equal Dreams is born.
Based in sunny Singapore, Equal Dreams provides disability, accessibility and consultancy services and creates platforms
for disabled people to pursue passion projects.

Our Work

Sign Language Interpretation
Accessibility Consultancy
Speech-to-Text Interpretation
Disability & Accessibility Training

Our Programmes

Singapore Sign Language

sign language face-to-face class
Image Description: Students practise signing during the Sign Language Level 1 face-to-face class

Ready to immerse yourself in a new language learning experience? We currently offer Singapore Sign Language Classes at Level 1 and 2, with both face-to-face and Zoom classes!

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Dipping into SgSL Interpreting

Deaf access info session
Image Description: Evelyn, our staff giving a talk with a mic and next to her is Clara, our sign language interpreter

Able to converse in sign language, and wondering what more you can do with this skill? Give a taste of what the sign language interpreting profession offers, and the kind of skills you’ll need to hone.

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