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This is a one year full time contract position (40 hours a week) with potential for extension and/or conversion to permanent position based on mutual fit and performance.

Working directly with our Programme Manager, the Training Executive will design and deliver training programmes centred on disability and accessibility, with a primary focus on Neurodiversity. There’s also flexibility to explore secondary areas such as digital accessibility, disability culture, and inclusive practices, adding depth and variety to your work.

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You’ll also work closely with different teams to support programme operations and evaluation. This includes being involved in researching and implementing the best-fit Learning Management System (LMS) for our programmes. 

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  1. Design and implement training programmes on disability and accessibility to be offered to the public, organisational clients and institutes of higher education.

    1. The primary focus area for this position is Neurodiversity
    2. Where knowledge, experience and/or interest matches, this position will also be involved in or be provided professional development to support training development in secondary focus areas.
    3. Secondary focus areas may include digital accessibility, disability culture, inclusive practices or specialisation in specific disability communities
  2. Provide operational support to ensure smooth running of the organisation’s training programmes
  3. Develop internal processes and resources to ensure best practice in inclusive design of all training programme offerings
  4. Monitor and evaluate training programmes for effectiveness and success
  5. eLearning System:
    1. Conduct comprehensive research and evaluation of various Learning Management Systems to determine the best fit for the organisation’s training programmes offerings
    2. Supports the implementation process of the chosen LMS, ensuring a smooth transition by coordinating with content specialists, trainers and support staff
    3. Develop and deliver training programs for staff to effectively utilise the new LMS, providing ongoing support and troubleshooting as needed.

Note: The candidate must be willing to embrace a dynamic role that includes a variety of operational tasks. In addition to the core responsibilities, the position may require support across different teams to meet evolving business needs and ensure seamless operations.


This position is only open to Singaporeans and PR.

Desired Qualifications / Qualities

We recognise that there are systemic barriers for some communities to attain certain qualifications or work experience. We encourage interested candidates to apply even if you do not fulfil all qualifications listed. We are open to provide professional development opportunities to suitable passionate and motivated candidates to fill the gap in experience upon onboarding.

Salary will vary according to skills and experience.

  • Lived experience as an neurodivergent individual and/or experience working with neurodiverse communities
  • Experience with public speaking and conducting training
  • Knowledge in Universal Design for Learning and Instruction
  • Tech-savvy and comfortable with learning new software
  • Competent in using common productivity apps such as Google Suite and Microsoft Suite
  • Experience in learning management system
  • Proactive self starter 
  • Ability to work with diverse teams of people
  • Excellent problem solving skills
  • Excellent organisation skills
  • Attention to detail

Work Arrangement

  • Not a 9 to 5 desk job. As part of your role as training executive, you might need to travel to clients’ premises where programmes are conducted.
  • Staff meetings and public training programmes will be held at our office in the Enterprise Development Centre @ ITE College Central.
  • In your other pockets of time, the working arrangement is flexible, and you may choose to work remotely.
  • There might be occasional evening or weekend hours. If so, you’ll be compensated with time off.

How to Apply

Please send the following to  

  1. Cover letter – let us know how you can contribute to our vision and mission, and how we can fit your career aspiration
  2. CV (Curriculum Vitae) 
    1. Details are appreciated; you do not have to try to fit your information into a page limit.
    2. Indicate areas in which you are interested to develop in but have not had the chance to in previous experience (refer to Responsibility 1b and 1c)
    3. Expected Salary

We are open to multiple modes of expression. You can submit the above in your preferred modes whether in text, visuals, audio, video or a combination. Language options of your submission can be English or Singapore Sign Language.

Application Deadline

The review and selection process may begin as soon as applications are received. Applications will close once the position is filled.

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