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Types of Employment Available

Internship or Part-Time Contract.


Have a passion for education, and a deep curiosity for the budding field of accessibility?

We’re looking for accessibility specialists to be part of our tight-knit team! You’ll be reporting to the Founder and Team Lead at Equal Dreams, with opportunities to work directly with B2B clients, independent subcontractors and members of the disability community. 

The main part of your work will be to provide professional access services — and while this is not a must, we’re also open to having individuals bring their own passions and ideas into the job! For instance, you could be into graphic design, content creation or research, and are looking for a platform to hone these skills specific to the accessibility field. In that case, we’d be happy to discuss how we could angle that to match our social business’ goals, and work it into your day-to-day. 


  • Provide speech-to-text interpretation service to disabled students in higher education
  • Create content and resources relating to disability and accessibility
  • Support the planning and executing of accessible training programmes and events 



  • Prior experience in working directly with disability communities
  • Conversational proficiency in Singapore Sign Language

Work environment

100% not your usual 9 to 5 desk job. As part of your role as an access professional, you’ll be travelling around to different assignment locations, mainly to Institutes of Higher Learning.

Staff meetings will be held at our office in the Enterprise Development Centre @ ITE College Central.

In your other pockets of time, the working arrangement is flexible, and you may choose to work remotely.

Heads up: there might be occasional evening or weekend hours. If so, you’ll be compensated with time off.


As part of the team, you’ll have opportunities to level up your skills with free access to courses that are conducted by us. These include but not limited to Singapore Sign Language classes and digital accessibility courses.

Head to our Programmes page to find out more.


3 to 6 months. 

How to Apply

Send your cover letter and resume to
You can submit in the mode and medium that you express yourself best in. 

Deadline: 15 January 2023

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