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Disability Equality Training
Disability Equality Training
Age Group: All

Inclusion and accessibility are hot new buzzwords. That’s not a bad thing – it means more are thinking about how society can be more empathetic and kinder. But how can we leverage the movement to make sure “inclusion and accessibility” is not another catch-all phrase that means everything, and therefore nothing?

The Disability Equality Training (DET) workshop is a space for participants to think about barriers and experiences of disabled people. Lay out your stereotypes and misconceptions in our judgement-free zone. We will discuss, explore, and reframe how we see disabilities. And ultimately, gain a deeper understanding of what kind of change the accessibility space needs.

This is a conversation about disabilities, for the disabled and non-disabled. Experiences vary across disabled communities, and so do the views that shape. We encourage participants from all communities to join us, to make for a more enriching discussion where we can learn from each other.

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