Dave is a proficient SgSL instructor associated with Equal Dreams, having completed a rigorous training-of-trainers course to hone his teaching skills in SgSL. In addition to his instructional role, he has gained valuable experience as a Deaf interpreter in various diverse settings, including assisting at Gateway Theatre with children’s stories and contributing to the National Gallery’s “Arts in 90 Seconds” videos.

Dave’s commitment to the Deaf community extends beyond his professional endeavors. After attending World Federation of the Deaf (WFD) events, such as youth camps and world congresses/conferences since late 2014, he has become an enthusiastic advocate and active volunteer within the local Deaf community. His participation in these global events has fueled his dedication to advancing the rights and welfare of the Deaf community.

Furthermore, Dave is now embarking on his journey to support the Deafblind community, taking his first steps to understand their unique needs and provide appropriate assistance.