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Shila’s free-spirited personality has guided her on a journey of exploring the different sound frequencies in life. She marked her first foray into the Deaf community by learning Singapore Sign Language. In 2016, Shila was part of the team that started the provision of formalised speech-to-text interpretation service. 

As a deep generalist, Shila excels in transcribing a diverse range of subjects. Her extensive experience in speech-to-text services across various settings, coupled with her knowledge of accessibility for the Deaf, has enabled her to develop comprehensive shorthand strategies in this evolving field of speech-to-text interpretation. Her professional vision is to grow an interdependent community where meaningful connections are cultivated, and each strengths are given opportunities to flourish. In doing so, she hopes we can grow as a community towards developing shared resources and skilled professionals to advance accessibility for the Deaf and Blind communities.

Outside of professional accessibility work, Shila is deeply passionate about herbalism and food preservation, and applies her creativity and keenness for knowledge in these personal interests.


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