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We have a range of exciting training programmes lined up for 2024!
For programmes that are yet to be open for registration, you can indicate your interest and state your preferred schedule to help us plan a timeline that can accommodate as many learners as possible.
By indicating your interest, you will be informed first-hand through email for priority registration before we publicise on our social media channels.
Looking forward to having you onboard for a new learning journey in the new year!
For enquiries, please email to us at training@equaldreams.sg.
List of programmes we offer at Equal Dreams

Singapore Sign Language (SgSL)

Ready to immerse yourself in a new language learning experience?

We currently offer Singapore Sign Language Classes at Level 1, 2 and 3 through in-person and zoom settings!

Speech-to-Text Interpreting (STTI)

Are you a lightning-fast typist who wishes to pursue a career in accessibility work with the Deaf and hard-of-hearing communities in higher education?

Kickstart your journey here!

Social Media Accessibility Bootcamp

Wondering how to make your content accessible on social media?

Discover the theories behind accessibility and how to incorporate it into popular platforms from the get-go!

Visual Interpretation icon

Visual Interpretation: A Movie in the Mind

Discover how you can make an inclusive place for the blind community!

In just a few steps, you'll gain the knowledge and confidence to
transform everyday visuals into vivid, accessible experiences.

Dipping into SgSL Interpreting

Fluent in sign language, and wondering what else you can do with this skill?

Get a taste of what the sign language interpreting profession has to offer and the kind of skills you’ll need to hone.

Deaf Empowerment

Be empowered to discover your own identity and strengths in a safe and comfortable environment, as well as to strengthen your self-determination and sense of community, in order to become future leaders and advocates.

Hands Together Family Workshop in SgSL

Looking for a safe space where your family can spend time learning about Deaf culture and Singapore Sign Language?

Come join us, with SgSL-to-English interpretation available!

Theatre Made Inclusive: Creative Captioning

Keen to make your live theatre shows more inclusive but have no idea how?

With us, you can learn how to provide informative, creative, and dynamic captioning!

International Sign Course

Already familiar with Singapore Sign Language and wondering how you can take the next step to connect with Deaf communities across the globe? Pick up International Sign now!

Disability Equality Training

How can we make our society more empathetic and kinder?
You will gain a deeper understanding of barriers faced by disabled people and land on concrete actions to reduce or eliminate them.

Past Programmes

Introduction to Digital Accessibility Testing

Access Work with Blind/Low Vision in Higher Education

Sign Language Interpreter Education Programme 2021

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