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international sign course banner with text that says open to deaf and hearing fluent signers!Schedule: May 2023 Intake

  • Total contact time: 14 hours (1 session per week, total 7 sessions)
  • Assessment: There is no assessment for this course. There will be an ungraded group presentation during the final session.
  • Estimated preparation time: 2 hours

Every Friday, 7:30PM to 9:30PM

Start date5 May 2023
End date23 June 2023
Break2 June 2023 (Public Holiday)


ITE College Central, 2 Ang Mo Kio Drive, Blk D, Level 2, Enterprise Development Centre, Singapore 567720


  • Those who are skilled in SgSL with little to no English inference
  • Trained and/or experienced sign language interpreters 
  • Those who have completed Equal Dreams’ Level 3 course
  • Those who have taken SgSL courses outside Equal Dreams will have to go through entry interviews. Please write in to us at to enquire about the entry interview.

Programme Description

This course aims to expand participants’ use of their visual language strategies and be able to have conversations in International Sign (IS). Participants will be challenged by the use of a large variety of IS styles in tasks that reflect real life situations. This course is recommended for those who are fluent in Singapore Sign Language (SgSL). Those who use sign language at work or home on a daily basis (such as sign language interpreters and Deaf people) would benefit from this course.

Check out this video to test of your receptivity skills and whether you’ll be a good fit for the course is if you can fully understand this video without referring to the transcript!

Descriptive transcript of the video here

Learning Outcomes

  • Understand the history of International Sign
  • Gain an insight on how International Sign works and how to overcome cultural barriers
  • Understand how to expand and modify signed definitions appropriately
  • Be able to divert from reliance on specific sign languages or verbal expressions and convey dialogue using visual and globally recognised signs and gestures
  • Achieve new standards in conversation in terms of production and receptive skills, with both their own signed language as well as International Sign
  • Build the confidence to start conversing in informal international settings

Target Audience

Open to Deaf and hearing individuals.

Class Size

Limited to 15 pax

Note: There needs to be a minimum pax of 7 participants to conduct the course. If the minimum number is not reached, you will be informed before the start of the programme, and be fully refunded.


Please let us know if you have any access requirements in the registration form, and we will do our best to work with you to provide them.

Programme Fee

Early bird registration (on and before 21 April 2023): SGD$250 per pax

Standard registration (after 21 April): SGD$280 per pax

Note: Your place will only be confirmed upon payment, on a first come first served basis. There’s no refund of programme fees once paid, unless the programme is cancelled.


Eligible persons with disabilities can be reimbursed for the course fees under the Temasek-Trust CDC Lifelong Learning Enabling Fund.

Learn more about the Fund at this website: SG Enable — Temasek-Trust CDC Lifelong Learning Enabling Fund.

Registration is closed.

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Trainer’s Profile: Yew Hau En

With 5 years of experience as the Secretary of the WFD RSA Youth Section and involvement in international events since 2014, Hau En has broad experience in International Sign and hopes to impart her knowledge with the local Deaf community while ensuring that Singapore Sign Language remains uninfluenced.

She is also a Deaf Interpreter and an SgSL instructor with Equal Dreams. She has 7.5 years of experience teaching SgSL. Apart from working with Equal Dreams, she is currently working as a communication support officer serving Deaf job-seekers. She is also a team member of SgSL Now! Facebook Group and Telegram channel, which aims to bring SgSL users to a singular platform, where all can indulge in and share their love for SgSL and Deaf culture. In her free time, she creates informative Deaf-related content for Deaf and hearing people on her public Instagram page.

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