Singapore Sign Language (SgSL) Level 2 ► Equal Dreams

This course reinforces and develops SgSL skills acquired from our Level 1 course to build students’ language competency to an intermediate level. Through direct and complete immersion in a no-voice, SgSL-only environment, students will be able to strengthen their expressive and receptive SgSL, while working towards having longer, more complex conversations that involve event sequencing and narration of experiences.


  • Total contact time: 20 hours (10 sessions of 2 hours each) + 1 assessment session*
  • Estimated preparation time: 2 hours per week (Readings / Video Homework / Optional Reflection)

*Certificates will be sent out at the end of the course to those who attend and pass the assessment


(1) Completed and passed Equal Dreams’ SgSL Level 1 within the last 6 months
(2) Passed Equal Dreams’ Level 2 entry assessment. You will be prompted to fill up our proficiency check in the registration form, where we will recommend whether you should take the entry assessment or go to Level 1 instead.

Learning Outcomes

  • Understand and apply basic classifiers in SgSL
  • Better appreciate Deaf Culture and its nuances, as well as the diverse lived experiences within the community 
  • Develop an understanding of SgSL linguistic rules at the intermediate level
  • Exhibit receptive and expressive SgSL skills in longer, more complex sentence structures, through the medium of storytelling and narration

Equal Dreams’ SgSL curriculum is led and designed by our SgSL specialist, Andrew Tay, together with co-curriculum developer Yew Hau En. This is also done in consultation and collaboration with Deaf leaders and hearing interpreters.


Please let us know if you have any access requirements in the registration form, and we will do our best to work with you to provide them.


Eligible persons with disabilities can be reimbursed for the course fees under the Temasek-Trust CDC Lifelong Learning Enabling Fund.

Learn more about the Fund at this website: SG Enable — Temasek-Trust CDC Lifelong Learning Enabling Fund.


August to October 2023 Intake

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