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March 2021 Intake


Module Duration Start Date

Program Orientation
1 session x 90min 6 March 2021

Module 1:
Introduction to Sign Linguistics
8 sessions x 2.5 hours
= 20 hours 
13 March 2021 

Module 2:
Introduction to Deaf Studies
8 sessions x 2.5 hours
= 20 hours
20 March 2021

Module 3:
Interpreting Techniques for Sign Language Interpreters
8 sessions x 2.5 hours
= 20 hours
July 2021
Module 4:
Professionalism in Sign Language Interpreting
8 sessions x 2.5 hours
= 20 hours
July 2021

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Programme Schedule

  • The Sign Language Interpreter Education Programme is targeted to start in March 2021 with Module 1 and 2.
  • Participants are required to complete and pass Module 1 and 2 before progressing to Module 3 and 4 in July 2021.

Target Audience
Current practising hearing sign language interpreters (working with the Deaf community in Singapore and/or Malaysia) with potential to become peer mentors

Certificate of Completion will be issued upon

    1. Completion of all 4 modules with assessments
    2. Completion of a journal log reviewed by mentors

Course Fee
$250 per module per participant

Maximum enrolment
10 pax

The small number of participants creates the most optimal learning environment through more individualised attention from the trainers, in-depth exploration of topics and the development of stronger peer relationships.


Programme Team


Anthony Chong
M.A. Linguistics, Deaf Studies; PhD candidate, Deaf Identity and Culture

Ho Koon Wei
M.A. Sign Linguistics, B.A. Deaf Studies

Jessica Mak
SgSL Specialist; Deaf Interpreter; President of Malaysian Sign Language and Deaf Studies Association (MyBIM)

John Xandre Baliza
Coordinator, Interpreting Education program, De La Salle-College of Saint Benilde; Former President of the Philippine National Association of Sign Language Interpreters; (Currently pursuing) Master’s degree in ASL/English Interpretation

Lucy Lim Yoke Kwan
Trainer/ Sign Language Interpreter (Malaysia); Certificate in Interpreting Training (Canada); President of Interpreters and Translators Association for Selangor and Kuala Lumpur Deaf Community (JUPEBIM)

ADVISOR: Low Jarn May
SgSL Specialist; Deaf Interpreter, Disability and Human Rights Advocate, FCCA, Chartered Accountant (Singapore), Master of Business Administration

Other regional guest instructors may be invited for some sessions in each module.


Read full profile of the team.


How to Apply

Applications will be reviewed as they are received with the goal to conclude by 31 January 2021 or when maximum enrolment for this cohort is reached.

Submit the following 2 items in email to 

A. Resume in English that includes:

    1. Your experience in sign language interpretation.
    2. Your experience with the Deaf community.
    3. Why you want to enrol in this programme.
    4. Your work and educational background.
    5. One reference from a Deaf individual and one reference from a member from the sign language interpreting community.
      Please provide full name, working relationship and email. Your references might be contacted to verify your work experiences and for recommendation for suitability for the programme based on our criteria.

B. Video resume in Sign Language that includes the following:

    1. Share with us briefly about yourself, your work and your involvement with the Deaf Community in your country’s local Sign Language.
    2. Tell us a joke in your country’s local Sign Language.
    3. Share about a memorable holiday you had or share with us 1 of the highlights of your interpreting career in Spoken English.

Please submit your video resume in the form of a link to a video platform or a downloadable link. Do not attach a video file to the email.

Recommended total duration of video: 10 min


Shortlisted applicants will be contacted for an interview over Zoom.

Successful applicants from the interview will be offered a place in the programme.

Payment for the first 2 modules (S$500) is to be made to confirm your place in the programme.


Enrolment offers will be on a first come first serve basis, i.e. once we interview and assess an applicant is suitable for the programme, we will make the offer, and confirm your place upon your payment. 

Note: The selection is NOT based on top-performing interviewees amongst all applicants i.e. we will not be waiting for all applications to come in before offering placement.

Hence, we encourage all interested hearing interpreters to apply early to secure an interview and a placement.


For enquiries please contact us at


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