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As Deaf people themselves, Deaf Interpreters have an instinctual linguistic, cultural and social understanding of their own community. They are able to provide a highly precise translation, fully utilising features unique to Singapore Sign Language, allowing them to cater for a diverse group.

At Equal Dreams, we currently deploy Deaf Interpreters for filmed interpretation on pre-recorded videos. 

Deaf Interpreters are also a best practice for Deaf access in other settings, such as:

  • Stage interpreting
  • Televised news broadcasts
  • Medicine (e.g. hospital visits)
  • Education (e.g. as Deaf teachers)
  • Law (e.g. in the courtroom)

Learn more about this role from two of our Deaf Interpreters, Andrew and Jessica:

Descriptive transcript of the video here




Interested in booking this service?

We are always on the lookout for new ways to platform Deaf Interpreters for better representation and message transmission.

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