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I would like to request access services from you. How much are they?

  1. Speech-to-Text Interpretation:

$50 to $100 per hour for one interpreter

Learn more about Speech-to-Text Interpreting and how it works in our explainer video. (opens in a new tab)

  1. Singapore Sign Language Interpretation:

$50 to $100 per hour for one interpreter

  1. Access Services for Organisations or Institutes of Higher Learning (Long Term Contract):

Organisations, such as Institutes of Higher Learning, may consider having a long term contract with us for block booking of our services. The rates for block booking and their terms and conditions are different, to cater to the nature of school curriculums and academic institutes. Please email us at for more details.

  1. Consultancy or Digital Accessibility Services (e.g. Accessibility Testing and Document Remediation):

This depends on the scope of work. Email us at and share more details so that we can provide an accurate quote.

Why is there a range for the two access services? What affects the cost?

The quoted price depends on factors such as complexity of the event set-up, complexity of the topic and duration of the event.

Based on such factors, we may also deploy more than one interpreter so that the quality of access is maintained throughout the event. This is a ​​standard practice in professionalised sign language interpreting, and is done internationally.

There are also urgency charges if the request is made ≤ 3 working days before the event time, and surcharges outside office hours.

Is there a minimum engagement for access services?

Yes — 2 hours. For example, if your event is 1.5 hours long, you will be charged the minimum engagement of 2 hours.

What happens if my request overruns?

If they are available, our interpreters will stay on to continue providing the service. In such cases the extensions will be charged by 30 minute blocks.

I booked your interpreter for 3 hours, but the event ended 30 minutes earlier. Can I only be billed for 2.5 hours of service?

If you have booked our access services for 3 hours, you will be billed for 3 hours, even if the event ends early. Billable duration will be the requested duration plus any timing extension on the actual day. This is because our team’s time has been booked, and we have made the commitment to provide services during this duration, incurring manpower costs. 

What happens if the request is cancelled at the last minute?

If you have accepted our quotation, there will be cancellation charges.

For cancellations more than 72 hours before the event, 50% of the quoted amount will be charged.

For cancellations less than or equal to 72 hours before the event, 100% of the quoted amount will be charged.

What if your team is no longer available nearer to the date of my event?

We commit to providing our service for your request once both parties (yourself and Equal Dreams) have signed the quotation.

In the rare case of an emergency, where the interpreter is not able to make it at the last minute, we will do our best to deploy another interpreter. If that is not possible, there will be no charges.

Okay, I would like to request your services! How should I do so?

Head to our Contact page!


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