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About the service

Speech-to-text interpreting provides a meaning-for-meaning transcription for aural information. This access service is used in both online and in-person settings by Deaf and Hard of Hearing individuals who prefer to access information by text. In some situations, there might be both a sign language and a speech-to-text interpreter, which provides fuller access.

Speech-to-text interpreters focus on conveying the meaning of what is being said, in contrast to verbatim speech-to-text services. The transcription also includes any relevant non-verbal auditory information. This reduces what the consumer has to process visually, while allowing them to still access the same amount of meaningful information.

This is achieved through:

  • the use of shorthand
  • eliminating filler words
  • condensing connected thoughts whenever possible. 

Learn more about Speech-to-Text interpreting through our explainer video:

Descriptive transcript of the video here

Variations of speech-to-text interpreting

Besides those who are Deaf or Hard-of-Hearing, other disabled individuals might find this ​​service beneficial in providing them greater access.

Speech-to-text interpreting can also be modified to fit the needs of other disabled individuals. For example, for an individual who is blind, the transcript would focus more on describing the visual elements of the environment, rather than auditory ones.

Those who have mobility difficulties may also find this service beneficial if they are in environments like a classroom, where they have to take notes. In this case, scribe services, a modified form of speech-to-text interpreting, might be used instead.


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  • Zero Project x SG Enable Forum 2023
  • Engineering Good: Tech For Good (T4G) 2023
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  • Ethos Book Launches: Not Without Us, Simon’s World of Colourful Sounds
  • Online Webinar: Navigating systems of care through food and art for Edible Art Club by Unseen Art Initiatives and Aung Mental Health Institute, 2023
  • Singapore Writers Festival 2022: What if ‘I’ is not me 
  • Getting Deaf Access for your Lifelong Learning Info Session 
  • Being and Becoming: Of Femininities in the Malay World Through 50 Images’, an online exhibition with a series of seminars.
  • Entire series of SAME-SAME 2.0 in collaboration between No Strings Attached Theatre of Disability (Adelaide, Australia), Theatre Today (Singapore), and Diverse Abilities Dance Collective (Singapore)
  • National Gallery Singapore Panel Discussion: Desiring Connections
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  • Social Enterprises
  • Government Bodies
  • Institutes of Higher Learning
  • Arts Organisations

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