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Frequently Asked Questions


Q1. I am new to interpreting. Can I join this programme?

The March 2021 intake is open to all current practising hearing sign language interpreters working with the Deaf community in Singapore and/or Malaysia, meaning the applicant needs to already have interpreting experience. This can be in the capacity as a full time, part-time, freelance or community-based interpreter. 

The discourse in this programme requires participants to reflect on their past interpreting experience and apply new learning to their current ongoing interpreting work.

If you are unsure of your level but still keen to enroll in the programme, you may send in your application for our assessment. If you are not selected, we will keep your application in mind for future programmes that are more suitable for your level.



Q2. Why is the course open to hearing interpreters only?

Based on our training needs analysis on the interpreting landscape in Singapore, we conclude that it is more effective to have different programmes developed for hearing and Deaf interpreters. Currently, based on the resources we have, we are focusing on the programme for hearing interpreters first.



Q3. Do I get to take interpreting assignments under Equal Dreams if I am in the programme?

Equal Dreams recruits freelance interpreters to take up interpreting assignments based on the best match of skills and experience to the requirements of the assignment. Assignments may be offered to participants if there is a good match based on our criteria but this is not guaranteed as part of the programme.

Assignments offered are on a contract for service basis, meaning the interpreters are remunerated accordingly. These are not practicum hours that interpreters have to clock for free for the programme. 

Equal Dreams strives to promote and put in practice a culture of fair remuneration and welfare of interpreters we work with. 

  • Our current remuneration rate ranges from S$30 to S$80 per hour for each interpreter.
  • We ensure that there is team interpreting for turn taking for assignments with long duration.
  • We provide peer support and review for each assignment for improvement and learning.



Q4. Do I HAVE to take interpreting assignments under Equal Dreams if I am in the programme?

No, it is not part of the programme requirement to take interpreting assignments under Equal Dreams. You may be offered assignments under Equal Dreams if your skills and experience is a good match but it is your choice to take it up or not based on your employment status and availability. Please see question 3 on how Equal Dreams work with freelance interpreters.



Q5. Can I have alternative payment arrangements such as instalments?

We aim not to let financial constraints deter passionate learners. Applicants, who have valid financial constraints (for example, if you are a full time student or currently unemployed), can discuss alternative payment for course fees. Please email us at



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