Terence Lew explains his concept behind the logo design.

Terence Lew
Singaporean award-winning designer raised in Singapore and worked over 22 years as an art director, creative director, communication strategist and data analyst in different organisations locally and overseas such as Singapore Management University, Walz Solutions, USPS, Havas Worldwide and EURO RSCG etc. To the extent that …

Title text reads as: “Access Work, Deaf Interpreters”. Screengrab video recording of Deaf and Hearing interpreters interpreting in Singapore Sign Language (SgSL) for the GE2020 Constituency Political Broadcast speeches.

“Six minutes turned out to be a few hours till late night.”

Watch our in-depth behind-the-scenes interview with our Deaf interpreters, Jessica and Andrew, including their funny anecdotes, on how they work behind the scenes to bring the Deaf and Hard of hearing communities full access to information!