Consultancy Services ► Equal Dreams

We provide consultancy services for:

  1. Inclusive design & accessibility implementation
  2. Disability content creation & public communications

Our consultancy services can be tailored to fit the scope of work you would like us to provide. This could be designed based on factors such as the scale of your event or project, the specific knowledge gaps you would like us to address and your budget.

Below is a description of what we could include in our scope of work:

  • Training of event team for disability and accessibility awareness and appreciation
  • Vetting the accessibility of publicity/marketing collaterals including social media
  • Recommendation of inclusive language in all communications
  • Recommendation of accessibility consideration for end to end process
  • Recommendation for actual day event accessibility considerations to different disabilities
  • Specific accessibility services such as sign language interpretation, speech-to-text interpretation, digital accessibility testing and document remediation to accessible formats

Of course, if you have other suggestions, feel free to start a chat with us at to find out more!



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