Singapore Sign Language (SgSL) Level 3 ► Equal Dreams

In our Singapore Sign Language Level 3 course, students will delve deeper into the various features of SgSL that they have learnt in Level 1 and 2, while further strengthening their foundation in SgSL grammar and syntax.

This also includes learning more advanced expressive skills in SgSL by further exploring the use of unique features in signed languages, such as the grammatical use of signing space and mouth movements. Students will also further explore topics relevant to the Deaf community and participate in discussions on these topics.


Currently, SgSL Level 3 is open only to those who have completed and passed Equal Dreams’ SgSL Level 2.

Learning Outcomes

  • Participants are able to apply the use of signing space as a grammatical feature.
  • Participants are able to add meaning to their signed production using mouth morphemes.
  • Participants are able to modify the movement parameter of signs to indicate distributional and temporal aspects.
  • Participants are able to produce stories in SgSL independently.
  • Participants are able to discuss topics relevant to the Deaf community in SgSL.

Learning Platform

Google Classroom will be the central hub for your learning journey where you will be able to access course materials, assignments, discussions, and additional resources.

Participants will be registered onto our exclusive learning platform, SgSLcore. This platform contains additional resources to enrich your learning experience.

A Telegram group chat will be used for ease of communication between participants, instructors, and administrators. Announcements and other ad-hoc communications will be communicated through this channel.


  • Readings before each class
  • Video homework (participants will be working in pairs)
  • Self-Reflection

After the completion of 10 lessons, there will be an assessment to evaluate your understanding and usage of the SgSL component, including grammar and syntax. To sit for assessment, all participants are required to meet the 80% attendance criteria.

Certificates will be awarded to participants who successfully pass the assessment.


Please let us know if you have any access requirements in the registration form, and we will do our best to work with you to provide them.


Early Bird: SGD$260 per pax
Standard: SGD$290 per pax


Head to this page to check out our ongoing discounts, and find out if you qualify for any of them!

Note: Currently, SkillsFuture credits are not applicable for all our programmes. Your seat will only be confirmed upon payment, on a first come first served basis. There’s no refund of programme fees once paid, unless the programme is cancelled.


Registration will open on April 2024.

Check out what our past students have to say!

Page 1 of 2: Hear what Level 3 students have to say!

I like the balance of grammar/technical concepts and Deaf culture discussions. I think the technical concepts in this one are very clear, and it's nice that concepts that are taught in earlier courses have recaps.

April 2023

I enjoyed getting more practice on signing stories, and gaining experience in signing in a way that describes a situation/tells a story by capitalising on the visual and spatial nature of sign language.

April 2023

[I enjoyed] that everyone [was] signing, and we [had] further conversations extended from the topics discussed.

October 2023

Page 2 of 2: Hear what Level 3 students have to say!

I especially liked … [the] combination of Deaf culture/history, video [sharing by] other Deaf people and discussion time! It helped to connect theory with lived experiences and allowed us to practise seeing other [Deaf] people signing.

April 2023

For Deaf culture segments, it taught me deeper about applications and importance of accessibility in everyday lives and how to learn and join the community/culture with respect. There are times where the discussion points are something I've seen before, but I didn't know the significance.

April 2023

[I enjoyed] having more insights and practice in real life signing.

October 2023

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