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The Singapore Sign Language (Private Classes) are catered to those who are interested in our programme but can’t seem to align their schedule with our SgSL term schedule. With these private lessons, you have more flexibility in the following:

  • Schedule: You may curate your schedule for the 10 lessons and 1 assessment. Our team will try to match the class schedule based on your request. The programme must be completed within 3 months.
  • Time: You may select the timeslots as stated in the application form. Our team will try to match the class time based on your request.
  • Venue: Though we would recommend the Equal Dreams premises for the private class, you may also indicate your own venue for the class. 
  • Number of participants: If you already have a group of people interested in enrolling in our SgSL programme, you may form a class. Each class may include up to 12 participants. Please refer to the respective pages for more details on each level of the SgSL programme.

For enquiry on pricing, do fill up the form below for us to advise. Do note that the programme fee is tiered based on the number of participants per class.

SgSL Private

Part A: Contact Information

Part B: Schedule

Please indicate 11 dates for the 10 lessons and 1 assessment, excluding Sundays. The programme must be completed within 3 months. We recommend one lesson per week as there will be homework to be submitted per lesson. If you do not have specific dates yet, you may state the range on months below.

Equal Dreams will not be responsible for sourcing and acquiring the venue, and/or additional charges.

Thank you for your interest in our SgSL programme and completing this form.
Once you submit this form, our team will contact you within 5 working days.


For further enquiries, please contact us at


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