Workshops & Corporate Engagements ► Equal Dreams

Looking to include topics on accessibility and/or disability in your event, course training or staff learning?

Here’s a list of topics we can cover, if you’d like to engage us:

  1. Understanding and Appreciating the Disability Culture through Reframing Disability
  2. Digital & Social Media Accessibility
  3. Document Accessibility
  4. Organising Accessible Events
  5. Singapore Sign Language Workshops

Where possible, the facilitators from Equal Dreams will also consist of those from our team who identify as disabled. This way, everyone in the room stands to benefit from diverse perspectives, and in more genuine, representative and fruitful conversations that involve those who have real lived experiences as disabled people.

We’d be happy to work with you if you’d like to tailor these workshops to your organisation’s needs. Of course, if you have something else in mind altogether, or would like to find out exactly what a specific workshop would entail, email us at and let’s start a conversation.



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