Andrew is a Deaf Interpreter and an SgSL Specialist with Equal Dreams. He has more than 10 years of experience teaching sign language. Andrew coined the term SgSL (Singapore Sign Language) in 2008, which defines the core of cultural Deaf identity and communication in the Singapore Deaf community, thus creating understanding and meanings of the language from the perspective of the Deaf.

He is the founder of SgSL Now! Facebook group and Telegram channel that aim to bring SgSL users to a singular platform, where all indulge and share in their love for SgSL and Deaf culture. He now manages these channels with a team of like-minded advocates to promote SgSL. He also shares his life experiences as a Deaf individual and offers insights into Deaf culture through his public Instagram and TikTok accounts.

Work aside, he is a private-hire driver by day. His days are particularly brightened by passengers who try signing to him at his day job as a private-hire driver. He loves spending his downtime on picnics with his family and hours-long conversations with his best friend (wife) and friends.