A love for writing and language had Clara pursuing her B.A in Linguistics and Multilingual Studies, which also coincided with when she picked up Singapore Sign Language, out of curiosity about minority linguistic communities.

After a stint in advertising as a copywriter, she had the opportunity to merge a passion for crafting words with an interest in working with disability communities at Equal Dreams.

Currently, she heads the social media and web content team, while providing access as a sign language and speech-to-text interpreter. She’s also particularly passionate about projects with an intersection between education, storytelling and accessibility.

Work aside, Clara is an avid reader and hobby hopper who enjoys dipping her toes into new things. She’s tried baking, watercolour painting, embroidery, yoga and UX design, to name a few. Admittedly, she’s quite mediocre at all of them — but hey, the fun is always in the trying.


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