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STTI Registration - SP

Programme Details: https://equaldreams.sg/stti-training-sp/

Please take your typing test at https://www.typingtest.com
Choose '3 minutes Test' and 'Medium Text'.

All submissions will remain confidential, and only authorised members of the Equal Dreams team have access to them.

Part A: Your Contact Information

How you'd like to be addressed
Please provide a Google registered email. We will be setting up a Google Classroom where you will find the course materials, submit your reflections.
We will be creating a Telegram group for the ease of communication. If you do not have an account, download Telegram desktop here: https://desktop.telegram.org/

Part B: Getting to Know You

Please take typing test at https://www.typingtest.com. Choose '3 minutes Test' and 'Medium Text'.
e.g Your field of study and/or current sector you are working in.
e.g sign language interpreting, speech-to-text interpreting, visual interpreting
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